OATH Copywriting Framework: Segmenting Your Audience for Tailored Copywriting

OATH Copywriting Framework

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Welcome back to our in-depth series on well-known copywriting frameworks! So far, we’ve discussed AIDA, PAS, BAB, 4 P’s, 4 C’s, 4 U’s, QUEST, and the 6+1 Model. In this installment, we’ll explore the OATH framework, a unique approach that helps you segment your audience based on their readiness to purchase and tailor your messaging accordingly.

What is OATH?

OATH stands for:

  1. Oblivious: People who are unaware of their problem.
  2. Apathetic: Those who are aware but don’t care much.
  3. Thinking: Those who are considering their options.
  4. Hurting: Those who urgently need a solution.

Understanding which category your audience falls into can help you tailor your copy for maximum effectiveness.

Breaking Down OATH


For people who are completely unaware of the problem your product or service solves.

Example for a Password Manager App:

“Did you know that the average person has to remember up to 100 passwords?”


For those who know they have a problem but have not yet decided to act on it.


“Isn’t it frustrating to click the ‘Forgot Password’ link all the time? We get it; you have other things to worry about.”


For people who are aware of their problem and are actively considering their options.


“Considering a password manager? Our app uses military-grade encryption for ultimate security.”


For those who are feeling the pain of the problem acutely and are urgently seeking a solution.


“Tired of being locked out of your accounts? Try our password manager and never experience the frustration again.”

OATH in Various Industries

Health and Wellness

  • Oblivious: “Did you know that 80% of heart diseases are preventable?”
  • Apathetic: “Yeah, we get it; you’re too young to worry about heart disease.”
  • Thinking: “Considering joining a gym or eating better?”
  • Hurting: “Struggling with high cholesterol or high blood pressure?”

Real Estate

  • Oblivious: “Many people are unaware of how much they could save by refinancing their mortgage.”
  • Apathetic: “Too busy to think about mortgage rates?”
  • Thinking: “Considering refinancing for a lower interest rate?”
  • Hurting: “Struggling to make your current mortgage payments?”


The OATH framework offers a nuanced approach to audience segmentation, allowing you to fine-tune your copy to better meet the needs and readiness levels of your target audience.

Next in the Series

Stay tuned for our next entry on the FAB framework, a classic methodology for explaining features, advantages, and benefits in your copy.

Additional Resources

  • Books: “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini
  • Online Courses: “Audience Segmentation for Marketers” on Udemy

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