FAB: Features, Advantages, Benefits—The Classic Copywriting Framework

FAB Copywriting Framework

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As we wrap up our comprehensive series on the most popular and effective copywriting frameworks, it’s only fitting that we cover FAB—Features, Advantages, Benefits. If you’ve been following along, you’re already acquainted with AIDA, PAS, BAB, 4 P’s, 4 C’s, 4 U’s, QUEST, the 6+1 Model, and OATH. Let’s dive into FAB, a cornerstone in the marketing and sales world.

What is FAB?

FAB stands for:

  1. Features: The specific attributes or details of your product or service.
  2. Advantages: How those features bring value or improvements.
  3. Benefits: The emotional or tangible gains that the customer will experience.

Understanding the difference between these three components can help you craft compelling and comprehensive copy.

Breaking Down FAB


List the specific attributes or functionalities of your product or service.

Example for an E-Reader:
  • Lightweight design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • High-resolution screen


Explain how those features make life easier or better.

  • Easily carry it in any bag.
  • Read for weeks without recharging.
  • Enjoy crisp, clear text and images.


Describe the emotional or tangible impact on the customer’s life.

  • Experience the freedom of having your entire library on the go.
  • Immerse yourself in your reading without the hassle of frequent charging.
  • Delight in a premium reading experience that’s easy on the eyes.

FAB in Various Industries

Fitness Equipment

  • Features: Adjustable resistance levels, ergonomic design.
  • Advantages: Tailor your workout to your needs, comfortable for long workouts.
  • Benefits: Achieve your fitness goals faster, enjoy a pain-free exercise routine.

Beauty Products

  • Features: Paraben-free, contains natural ingredients.
  • Advantages: Healthier for your skin, eco-friendly.
  • Benefits: Look radiant while feeling good about your eco-friendly choices.


The FAB framework is a classic that stands the test of time. It helps you go beyond mere specifications to show real, relatable value. It’s a versatile tool that can improve almost any type of sales or marketing copy.

Wrapping Up the Series

This article marks the end of our series on copywriting frameworks. We hope this content cluster has provided you with valuable insights and tools to improve your copywriting skills. Stay tuned for more advanced topics and deep-dives into other aspects of marketing.

Additional Resources

  • Books: “Words that Sell” by Richard Bayan
  • Online Courses: “Advanced Copywriting Strategies for Online Sales” on Udemy

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